Pearl River CC band director resigns after controversial Facebook post


Pearl River Community College band director Reuben McDowell resigned Tuesday after a controversial Facebook post prompted outrage in the community.

In the post, which has been deleted, McDowell commented about a protest in San Diego over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

“Start shootin a few and the rest will scatter,” he wrote.

“Overwhelming force. Time to shut this s— down. Make some examples and watch the rest scatter. Take. Control,” he wrote in another comment.

PRCC President Dr. Adam Breerwood addressed the issue in a statement.

“I am saddened today,” Breerwood said. “I am distraught and disappointed. I have received hundreds of messages regarding recent comments that were made by a PRCC instructor who is no longer employed at the college. These comments do not reflect the values of this institution. PRCC does not tolerate the promotion of violence, hate or racism.”

“To the faculty, staff, students, alumni and all members of our surrounding communities please know this individual’s comments are not reflective of our values and beliefs,” he continued. “Our college is a place of opportunity, a place to feel safe and secure, a place of family and unity. I want our children to live in harmony.

McDowell has been a part of the PRCC staff since 2015.