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Pit bull seized after escaping his yard again



Jeff Fisher and Martez Carroll work to get Baby into their truck for transport to the Animal Shelter. [Photos by David Day]

The City of Vicksburg isn’t playing when it comes to keeping animals in their yards and not roaming loose.

Baby is a pit bull who has become an escape artist from his yard on Shady Lane. The established neighborhood in the Enchanted Hills subdivision is full of retirees and working folks who enjoy a sense of calm most of the time.

“I’ve been here about a year and six months” said Jacqueline Cooper, a Shady Lane resident. “I called [animal control] about a month ago. We had a pit running through the neighborhood, slobbering at the mouth.”

Baby lives across the street from Cooper’s house.

Cooper said she was standing on her porch Monday, and Baby came across the street to her neighbor’s yard and grabbed her neighbor’s dog.

“That pit got real low to the ground, so I knew he was going to attack,”she said.

Her neighbor’s husband finally came out with a gun but by that time, Baby had let the dog go.

Cooper has a couple of grandchildren in the house and is afraid Baby or the pit bull she reported last month might get hold of one of them.

“My granddaughter, when she was young, there was a pit that attacked her,” she said. “He wasn’t but 3 months old. He tore her leg, her arm and everything up.”

Escape artist Baby and Vicksburg Animal Control hero Martez Carroll. [Photo by David Day]

Jeff Fisher and Martez Carroll work with Vicksburg Animal Control and were charged with seizing Baby. Jeff had been chasing Baby through the neighborhood trying to catch him, but Baby was too quick and worked his way back into his yard.

It was too late. The city had an aggressive animal that could get in and out of its yard and Animal Control was going to take him in. Fisher called Carroll for backup and together, they were able to safely capture him.

Baby’s owners are facing fines and repairs before they can get him back. A ticket for violation of the leash law will cost $197.25. The Animal Shelter charges $27 for picking up the animal and $2 a day after that. The owners also have to prove the dog has had his rabies shot. If they can’t, it is $24 for the shot. In this case they will also have to repair their fence or find a better way to secure Baby before the city will release the dog back to them.

It should be noted that pit bulls are not inherently aggressive or dangerous dogs. The way a dog is trained and treated can make almost any dog into a mean dog. Aggressive pit bulls can be all the more dangerous because they are a powerful breed capable of doing grave physical damage.


Baby is safely in a kennel at the Vicksburg Animal Shelter until his owners can ensure he is in a secure yard. [Photo by David Day]


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