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Preventing Heart Disease




Heart disease is one amongst the foremost causes of death in both women and men.  Living in today’s world, one can’t help but hear tales of heart attacks, high blood pressure and other such cardiovascular problems. These stories are so ordinary that we tend to take them in stride. Smoking is awful for you; everybody understands that, but so many of us (yes, I smoke) still do it. Truly, smoking is lofty on the list of lifestyle choice that you should shun if you value your life and health. Smoking is the most important cause for high blood pressure and its consequences: Strokes Heart attacks Heart failure Damage to the eyes Kidney failure If you believe that smoking helps simplify stress, then try and shun things that stress you. We all have something to deliver, but intentionally adding a health hazard isn’t the answer. Drinking is yet an additional way of inviting heart troubles. And I don’t mean the dreamy kind of heart troubles, though drinking has done this for some people. I mean the type of heart troubles that put you six feet under way before your time. The surplus consumption of alcohol lifts blood pressure and brings the same unlikable consequences. A glass of wine on a daily basis is recommended by many doctors, but drinking the bottle…  The key is not to over-indulge. And the third thing that you can do to stay healthy and evade a bunch of trips to the hospital is to pursue a healthy diet and to exercise every week. A fit diet does not mean that you have to ban all the foods that you love, but merely to eat in control and to swap snacks and fast food with fruit and vegetables. There are good alternatives to nearly everything. Exercising doesn’t essentially signify pumping iron at the gym. Even walking or thirty minutes of aerobic exercises will suffice. It actually doesn’t take that much to lead a fit life and get rid of bad lifestyle choices, particularly because you are doing this for your personal good. Think again before burning another cigarette, consuming another glass of alcohol or reaching out for a sack of snacks. We are living in a culture that makes immediate satisfaction very easy, but having to use years disquieting about your blood pressure later on is just not worth it. As for me, I’m working on switching to these electronic cigarettes.  You get the full dose of nicotine, without all the other chemicals.  The electronic cigarettes are simply nicotine and water vapor.  I’m gonna get Cristy to write that article.  She’s the one who did all the research to find out about the e-cigs and whether they work or not.]]]]> ]]>

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