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Questions to Ask Yourself When Making Decisions




  • Does this decision support our goals?
  • How will this decision impact our ability to compete?
  • How will this decision affect the level of customer service we deliver?
  • Will morale and productivity be affected negatively or positively by this decision?
  • How long will it take to realize a positive benefit from this decision?
  • Is there an opportunity cost associated with this decision? (Can the resources applied to implementing this decision be applied for greater benefit elsewhere?)
  • What is the return on investment associated with this decision?
  • How will this decision affect efficiency?
  • How will this decision impact our financial position?
  • Am I making this decision based on my ego, my own pocketbook or because of internal politics?
  • If all of these questions don’t seem applicable to the decision at hand, use those that are. Print this list and refer to it each time you are faced with a significant decision. It will help you think through the consequences of your decision and help reduce the uncertainty associated with the process.]]]]> ]]>

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