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Late night fire sparks at Warren County home



quick response saves home
The home on Mary Hearn. Photo by David Day
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[Editor’s note: The headline of the article has been updated for accuracy.]

Around 9:30 p.m. a manufactured home on Mary Hearn Lane caught fire.

The fire started in the kitchen area of the home. The homeowner acted quickly to get everyone out of the home, killed power to the structure, and then attempted to put out the fire. Gerald Spiers with the Warren County Fire Service was near the Culkin Fire Station when the call came in. Spiers was able to grab Engine 202 and be the first firefighter on the scene. “The homeowner had knocked most of it down by the time I arrived. I entered the structure with a water fire extinguisher and put out some embers,” explained Spiers.

NorthEast Fire Chief Zachary Hearn arrived shortly thereafter and assisted Spiers inside the structure.

Quick response saves home

Gerald Spiers is assisted by Peyton Malone after putting out a fire earlier this year. Photo by David Day

Numerous Warren County firefighters responded to the call including Lee Williams and Public Information Officer Jeff Riggs. “The quick and knowledgable response of our team along with the heads-up thinking of the homeowner saved this structure,” said Riggs.

“A manufactured home is constructed in such a way that a fire will work its way to the center beam in the attic. We have to get up in there and make sure all the embers and hot spots are out,” said Incident Commander Chuck Tate.

Quick response saves home

A quick response saved this home on Mary Hearn from fire. Photo by David Day

There is significant damage to the structure including water damage and soot. Warren County Sheriff’s Deputies were on the scene. In addition to Engine 202 from Culkin, 209, Engine 503, and 207 were there to assist.

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