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Rankin County tax assessor indicted on sexual battery and assault charges



tax assessor sexual battery
Screengrab from footage by WLBT
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An investigation led by local news outlet WLBT resulted in the indictment of John Sullivan, the tax assessor in Rankin County.

Surveillance and body cam footage released by WLBT in July prompted an investigation by the Attorney General’s Office. The footage showed a drunken Sullivan who was pulled over by Byram police for speeding and swerving. Sullivan blew a 0.19 on a roadside breathalyzer test, twice the legal limit. In his vehicle were five female passengers, three of which were under 21 and all of which were under the influence.

In the video, you can hear Sullivan deny that he knew their ages and that he gave them any alcohol.

While in custody, Sullivan made some incriminating statements to officers.

“There’s some good-looking [expletive] whores back there,” Sullivan told Byram Police Officer Shawn Walters. “Four of them [expletive] going in the hot tub.”

Ten days following his arrest by Byram police, Sullivan was arrested by the AG’s office and charged with rape. The grand jury, on Friday, indicted Sullivan on three counts of sexual battery and one count of simple assault for throwing a victim on his bed and grabbing her by the throat.

Sullivan, who remains in his elected office, is scheduled to go to trial on these charges next year.

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