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Raymond Friley Jr. convicted of felony child abuse, receives life sentence



Raymond Friley Jr
Raymond Friley Jr (MDOC)

Raymond Friley Jr. was convicted of felony child abuse and sentenced to life imprisonment. Court document reveal that Friley’s conviction was based on an indictment stating that he intentionally interfered with the breathing of a child under one year old.

The appeal is denied

Friley’s appeal, which raised concerns about the admission of certain testimony and evidence, was denied by the court. In addition, Friley submitted a supplemental brief asserting claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, but the court found these claims to be procedurally barred and dismissed them without prejudice.

The document highlights that Friley’s pro se supplemental brief failed to comply with the requirements of Mississippi Rule of Appellate Procedure 28, as it lacked citations to legal authorities and relevant parts of the record. As a result, the court was not obligated to consider these claims.

Given that the State refused to stipulate the adequacy of the record for reviewing Friley’s ineffective assistance claims, and many of the allegations were not fully apparent from the record, the court declined to address these claims on direct appeal.

Details about the case come to light

According to court documents and testimony, the case began when S.S., the child’s mother, noticed concerning behaviors exhibited by her daughter, Jane (pseudonym). The mother recalled an unexplained rash that Jane had developed after being in the care of Friley’s mother, M. As Jane’s actions became increasingly inappropriate, her mother grew more concerned and decided to investigate.

The mother entered Friley’s room without his knowledge and made a shocking discovery—a laptop containing images and videos of Jane from 2017. These visuals depicted the child with an oxygen or nebulizer mask, oxygen tubing, and inside a plastic comforter-type bag. Troubled by what she found, the mother documented the evidence on her phone and shared her concerns with her mother and her stepmother.

She then immediately contacted the Warren County Sheriff’s Department, leading to a search warrant being executed. Law enforcement seized various items from Friley’s room, including bags, jackets, breathing machines, a laptop, and a piece of paper containing a troubling story involving the use of plastic.

Further analysis of Friley’s laptop and a USB drive by the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office uncovered additional incriminating material. In addition to images and videos featuring Jane, investigators discovered a substantial collection of stock photos depicting individuals wearing clear tubing and breathing masks. This evidence bolstered the allegations against Friley and shed light on his interests.

During the trial, the mother testified about the events preceding Friley’s arrest, highlighting his differential treatment of Jane compared to other children in the family. The stepmother supported the mother’s account, confirming Friley’s insistence on privacy in his room. The stepmother also positively identified the photos had taken from Friley’s laptop, solidifying their significance as crucial evidence.

Detective Sam Winchester provided vital testimony regarding the execution of the search warrant and the seizure of pertinent items, including Friley’s computer, cell phone, and camera. Notably, law enforcement found an oxygen mask and tubing similar to those shown in the photos, further linking Friley to the alleged abuse.

Computer forensics expert Ashley Boldig detailed Friley’s internet search history, which contained searches related to child pornography, child abuse statutes, and plastic-related interests. Boldig’s testimony shed light on Friley’s concerning online activities and provided valuable insight into his mindset.

In a disturbing turn, the prosecution presented testimony from a witness identified as “Christy.” Christy (pseudonym) revealed that Friley had sexually assaulted her in 1999 when she was a young child. She recounted an incident involving a pool float and a ziplock bag.

David Day chose to edit this story and redact the names of family members.
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