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Reindeer Run presents HUGE check to Paws Rescue



Reindeer run
John Bullard, Debbie Peacock, Leigh Connerly, Susan Ayers-Taylor, Michelle Coccaro, Cynthia Freeny, Anna Jane Stanley

The Reindeer Run presented a check to Paws Rescue this afternoon at the Mulberry.

The Mulberry held several events related to the Reindeer Run in addition to hosting today’s presentation.

On the day of the race, there was pouring rain but a hearty crowd showed up to support the fundraiser.

“It was pouring down rain and we still raised a lot of money. This is actually our largest check to date, $39,750,” said event organizer Debbie Peacock.

Reindeer run

John Bullard, Debbie Peacock, Leigh Connerly, Susan Ayers-Taylor, Michelle Coccaro, Cynthia Freeny, Anna Jane Stanley

Close to 250 people and several family pets participated in the race which was held on the first weekend in December.

Before the race, there were auctions and events hosted at the Mulberry.

Anna Jane Stanley with the Mulberry said, “The Mulberry is a young company but we like to get involved with the community. We are trying to seek out opportunities in that way. The Reindeer Run seemed like a good start to that so we decided to partner up. We had a great turnout here, we had a raffle going on and we allowed people to come see and enjoy the Mulberry.”

Peacock added, “The Mulberry just jumped on and they were like, ‘Let’s make it bigger next year’, they are great community partners.”

Leigh Connerly with Paws Rescue said the funds raised will be put to good use.

“We will use the money raised to continue doing what we are doing. We will continue to help all the animals in the community.”

reindeer run 2023

Part of the crew for the Reindeer Run. Photo by David Day

The event will happen again in 2024, said Cynthia Freeny, an organizer with the Reindeer Run, “Next year’s race will be held on the first Saturday in December.”

Leigh Connerly wanted to be sure to thank the community.

“Thank you once again, the team, the community, they are always amazing and we appreciate them so much,” she said.

More going on at the Mulberry

The Mulberry will be hosting several community events, said Stanley.

“We are planning a lot of events for the coming future. For right now we have some Italian wine dinners planned in April,” she said. “We have a bourbon-tasting event that is almost sold out that will be held next Thursday. We have a variety of events and we want to include everyone.”

Stanley went on to say, “We also plan to have our pool party this summer which was a huge hit last year. We plan to revamp that and keep going with it.”

You can buy tickets for the bourbon tasting by clicking this link.

If you would like to help Paws Rescue or make a donation, you can reach them here.



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