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Remember the three P’s to help prepare for the cold



winter weather
Snow day 2021 downtown Vicksburg
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The first day of winter begins Wednesday. With the change in season comes the chance for extremely cold conditions.

On Monday, Warren County Emergency Director John Elfer stated that a significant threat of cold weather is expected overnight Thursday and through the Christmas weekend.

With temperatures expected to be in the teens with wind chills below freezing, it is important to stay weather aware.

A mnemonic device to help prepare is called “The three P’s”.


Open your cupboards to help prevent your inside pipes from freezing. This will help air circulate around the pipes.

Let a faucet drip to prevent pipe bursting.

Exposed pipes outdoors can be fitted with a foam insulator.


Check on your outdoor pets.

Ideally, dogs and cats should be kept inside. For pets that remain outdoors, make sure they have adequate shelter.


Check on your family and neighbors.

Make sure there is adequate heat and that any heaters in use are kept at least three feet away from anything that can burn.

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