Renewal House is COVID-free but still feeling effects of the pandemic


Renewal House is much more than a detail shop, it is a ministry that is changing and restoring lives.

Dr. Daniel Edney and a group of church members and friends formed R12 Recovery Ministries on August 1 ,2015. The non-profit is focused on helping men overcome their addictions through a spiritual walk with Jesus Christ and the support of a 12-step recovery program.

Renewal House has grown over the course of five years to include the Renewal Detail Shop located at the corner of Clay and First North, along with a home for the men at 1222 Jackson Street. Two additional facilities on Openwood Street house the recovery center program and ¾-way transition programs.

Local organizations, such as the Vicksburg Cruisers, support the program through events like their annual car show. 

In this month’s newsletter, Edney related how the on-going pandemic has impacted the program.

When this shelter-in-place and mask-wearing began back in March, I imagined that the pandemic could linger on, and most certainly see hot spots emerge and go away. We experienced this right here in Mississippi. We are far from the end of this crisis, but we must stick together and help one another. Change can be tough, but for the most part, we all learn to adjust.

I have been working diligently as a physician dealing with this pandemic, helping many who have been infected. I am grateful for the support our teams of medical professionals, and first responders have pulled together to try to keep COVID under control. And let’s not forget all of those essential workers in other fields unrelated to healthcare. 

The financial impact for Renewal House has been the loss of revenue from detail shop being closed 6 weeks-but it is fully operational now. Financial support has been lower than usual as with many charities, and expenses for services and essentials that keep our men safe have been higher. Our needs include prayer support, donations of food and clothing for our guys, supporting the detail shop, and of course financial contributions.

I reach out to you today and let you know that Renewal House continues to help our residents deal with addiction. I am happy to say that we do not have any cases of COVID-19. We are taking precautions just like other businesses, and organizations, and have faith that in the near future we will be able to operate as we had. 

R12 Recovery Ministries is a nonprofit organization in Vicksburg, MS that focuses on helping men battle their addictions through Jesus Christ, our savior, and a 12-step recovery program.