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Restaurant Review: Lovey’s Seafood & Grill by Bethany Claire Johnson



Loveys Seafood & Grill
(credit: Lovey's Seafood & Grill)

Let me tell you about Lovey’s!! I had an amazing experience at this restaurant. I went inside and saw a sweet deal on oysters. They had six parmesan oysters for $10, and I almost gave them my fiancé’s credit card and told them swipe ’til it declines. I love a good grilled oyster.

I sat down and ordered the oysters before I ordered a drink. The oysters came out too hot to touch. They were so fresh and tender and the toast was so crunchy it felt like jumping in a pile of leaves in autumn. They were truly phenomenal. I was so impressed. My infant was trying to steal them, and usually I’d share…but nope, not this time, baby. Enjoy your milk. Momma is treating herself tonight.

Mama’s oysters, grilled to perfection and complete with a tiny fork.

Also, I know this is standard, but I really appreciated the tiny forks.

After the oysters, I ordered the blue rooster with extra blue cheese on the side. My friend, Ashlea, ordered the chef salad because she wanted something light.

If that salad was light, then I’m a vegan. That salad made me reconsider my eating habits. It was LOADED with ham, turkey, boiled eggs, and the freshest lettuce I’ve seen in a restaurant salad in a while. It really looked delicious, and she considered licking the bowl before we left.

Chef salad and the blue rooster.

My sandwich, on the other hand, was huge! The chicken was crispy and evenly coated in hot sauce all over. It wasn’t so overloaded that it was messy, but there wasn’t a part of that chicken that wasn’t coated. They didn’t skimp on the blue cheese either, and it was chunkier than me! I love blue cheese, so I’m sure I looked like a kid on Christmas morning chowing down. The fries were seasoned fries, and my son DEMANDED some. Before the end of the meal, my baby was in a carb coma. They were so hot and crispy. I even took them home and heated them up in the air fryer.

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Lovey’s Seafood & Grill in Vicksburg and highly recommend them to anybody looking for good deals and good food. I spent under $40 for 3 people, and you can’t beat that!!

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