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Restaurant Review: See’s Restaurant by Bethany Claire Johnson



See's Restaurant
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Did y’all know we have hibachi in Vicksburg? I’m not talking about Waffle House either. We have an actual hibachi restaurant that deserves far more attention than it receives. I went with my fiancé to celebrate him coming home for a week from work. I won’t lie, my fiancé went a little overboard as far as food goes, but it was WELL worth it. 

See's Restaurant

credit: See’s Restaurant

My fiancé ordered the crab Rangoon and fried dumplings for an appetizer. It was not necessary, because the amount of food they serve for hibachi is insane! Our crab Rangoon and our dumplings came out, and they were steaming hot. My son had one bite of the crab rangoon and then SCREAMED until i gave him more. My fiancé literally ate the entire plate of dumplings. He said and I quote, “it’s just so crispy crunchy outside, and then when you get to the juicy middles it inspires you.” I have no idea what it means, but the enthusiasm was there. When you order hibachi at see’s you get a soup and salad. It’s your typical iceberg lettuce salad with the ginger dressing, always refreshing and light. However, the soup was a mushroom beef broth soup and it was delicious and warm. My fiancé turned the bowl up and chugged it like a Busch light at the mud races. 

Yall, all that was great and dandy, but the hibachi will blow your mind. We ordered the New York strip and the lobster. It was so fun watching everything prepared before us. 

See's Restaurant

credit: See’s Restaurant

I had the New York steak hibachi, and it was cooked to a perfect medium rare. It was juicy and delicious. I proposed to the chef with the ring my fiancé gave me after one bite. Unfortunately, he was married. The rice was very tasty, and wasn’t overly salty like a lot of fried rice. He also grilled the vegetables just enough that my child could eat them, but they maintained their integral structure. I was very impressed.

The chef put the lobster on my fiancé’s plate after everything was cooked and said, “your lobster fried rice.” My fiancé said, “You’re telling me a lobster fried this rice?!” His laughter at his own joke abruptly stopped after he ate a bite of the lobster. It was phenomenal! It had the perfect sear and was cooked evenly throughout. It was bursting with flavor. It was sweet and savory, so light, and juicy. It could not have been prepared better. 

See’s was delicious. I truly enjoyed how kind and attentive the staff was, and I cannot wait to go back and pig out. Thank you, See’s! 

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