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Restaurant Review: The Biscuit Company by Bethany Claire Johnson



The Biscuit Company

If you’re looking to pay almost nothing for a plate that’ll feed you for two days I have found the spot. I know everybody likes the biscuit company, but i have actually never eaten there until this week. It is pageant week, so I expected slow service and a full house. I was only halfway correct.

I took my mom out to lunch, and we had the blue plate specials. The service was fast and so polite. I brought my 6 month old son, and the waitress made sure he had everything he needed for mashed potatoes to entertainment with his meal.

We had the hamburger steak and gravy, with baked potato casserole that made me wanna slap my mother, rice and gravy that took me to a front porch swing next to my papaw, and fried okra that tasted like playing outside with your childhood dog in the hot summer sun. I took one bite of that hamburger steak, and i had a flashback of shelling peas in the kitchen with my Mamaw. This food inspired such nostalgia and really brought me back home to my roots. The one plate could’ve fed my mom and I.

As we were eating, the entire place filled up with tiny beauty queens in tiaras. The service did not slow down for a second. I don’t know if the staff does better under pressure or what, but there was constant running, refilling, food delivering, mess cleaning, I mean they were on top of EVERYTHING!

After I left I brought home over half of my meal, and that afternoon I received a call. My dad tasted my moms food and demanded that we go back to eat for dinner. We get there and we’re met with that same exceptional service.

I ordered the Applewood bacon mushroom Swiss burger. This burger was REMARKABLE!!! It was beautiful, juicy, thick, hot and fresh. It was basically everything the perfect woman should be served right there on a plate next to some hot and crispy steak fries. I think I finished my burger in maybe five minutes.

I was eating that thing like the wolf that attacked old yeller. Did that hit too close to home? Good, it should have. This food was THAT powerful. Although I should have, I didn’t have left overs to bring home from that plate. I swear I finished it in 10 minutes max.

If you’re looking for a place to pig out on some food that takes you back to your country roots, The Biscuit Company is the place. I truly look forward to going back soon to try those steak bites.

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