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Road and weather update – 11 p.m.



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Do not travel if you do not have to travel. Keep in mind that your 4-wheel drive will not help you while traveling on ice. The Vicksburg Daily News is seeing very few cars on the road at this hour. Most businesses are shut down or in the process of shutting down for employee safety.

It is currently 19 degrees and feels like 8 degrees with the wind. Any precipitation will freeze immediately. There is a serious chance of hypothermia or frostbite if you venture outside.

The current forecast says the freezing rain will start around 2 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Trees and powerlines may not be able to support the weight of the ice forming and collapse without notice. Power crews will not be able to restore power until after the freezing rain stops. Even then, getting to the location will be treacherous for the power crews.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is advising travelers that the Charles Brown Rd (Tendal) Overpass over I-20 in Madison Parish is closed. Weather conditions in the area have made the area too dangerous to travel. DOTD will advise when the road has been re-opened.

Entergy is dealing with a small outage in the Fairground/Pearl Street area the should be resolved soon. The outage affects less than 100 service locations.

At the time of this report, all roads are to be considered dangerous and slippery.

The number of impassable roads is expected to increase throughout the night. Travel will become impossible for most vehicles. Stay home.

If you do have to travel, here is the latest info we have on roads throughout Warren County:


All roadways have a coating of ice and should be considered slippery. Any turn in the road or any overpass should be considered dangerous. Slow down.  Leave plenty of room between you and whatever is in front of you.

Culkin Hill Road has been shut down. Use Sherman Avenue.

The hill on Grange Hall down to Highway 61 South is slippery, slagged and dangerous.

Halls Ferry at Autumn Oaks Townhomes is impassable.

The South Frontage Road from Bazinsky to the Holiday Inn is slippery, slagged and dangerous.

The hill on Fisher Ferry at St. Michaels is slippery, slagged and dangerous.

The hill on Halls Ferry from Melrose to Fisher Ferry is slippery and dangerous.

The hill out of Marcus Bottom on Halls Ferry towards the South Frontage is slippery, slagged, and dangerous.

Indiana Avenue from Confederate to South Frontage has been closed.

Pemberton east to Halls Ferry has vehicles struggling to get up the hill.

Highway 27 towards Utica is slippery, not slagged and should be considered dangerous to travel.

The Highway 61 bridge over the Yazoo is slagged, slippery and should be considered dangerous.

465 from Highway 61 to the Mainline levee should be considered slippery and dangerous.

The Mississippi River bridge over the Mississippi River is slagged, slippery but still passable at this time.

The I-20 bridges over surface roads and railways are slagged and slippery, but passable.

The ramps off and onto the Interstate are slippery.

The Big Black bridge at 61 South is slagged, slippery and dangerous.

The Big Black bridge on I-20 is slagged, slippery and dangerous.

Roads that traverse a steep incline like the ramp to Culkin Hill Road near Abe’s Tire should be avoided.

We will update this information as it becomes available to us.

If you do not have to travel, please do not travel.

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