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Roads report – Culkin Hill Road is shut down



road report
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Do not travel if you do not have to travel. Keep in mind that your 4-wheel drive will not help you with ice.

At the time of this report, all roads are to be considered dangerous and slippery. If you do have to travel, here is the latest info we have on roads throughout Warren County:

Culkin Hill Road has been shut down. Use Sherman Avenue.

The Highway 61 bridge over the Yazoo is slagged and passable at this time.

The Mississippi River bridge over the Mississippi River is passable at this time.

The bridges over I-20 are slagged and slippery, but passable.

The ramps off and onto the Interstate are slippery.

The Big Black bridge at 61 South is slagged, slippery and dangerous.

The Big Black bridge on I-20 is slagged, slippery and dangerous.

Roads that traverse a steep incline like the ramp to Culkin Hill Road near Abe’s Tire should be avoided.

We will update this information as it becomes available to us.

If you do not have to travel, please do not travel.

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