Runoff – Mayfield vs Hollingsworth or Winters

Runoff – Mayfield vs Hollingsworth or Winters


Hollingsworth is in second place by 11 votes ahead of Kevin Winters.

The race of ten candidates came down to the top three this evening in a race with just over a thousand votes cast. Thomas “TJ” Mayfield took the lions share with 515 votes in the first unofficial tally. The remaining nine candidates split the remaining 600+ votes with Daryl Hollingsworth getting 159, 11 more than Kevin Winters.

The numbers will be checked tomorrow and absentee ballots along with any provincial or challenged ballots will be settled and official totals will be done as quickly as possible.

A runoff will be held on May 30 between Mayfield and whichever candidate is verified to have the second highest number of votes.