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Sadie 2019-2020




Sadie, the most adorable little puppy, did not survive in spite of the best medical care available and the support of a loving community.

The Vicksburg Daily News shared the story of the rescue pup who was rushed to emergency veterinarian care in a plea for financial support to cover the expense.

The initial response to medical treatment was good and everyone was hopeful, then, well, then it went badly.

Here is the post from those who loved and did all they could for Sadie:

“Days like today seem so unfair.
Sadie went into agonal breathing in the arms of her foster. She wasn’t alone and she was loved.
I’m sad to say we lost sweet little Sadie! Our hearts are broken. 😭😭 💔 please pray for so many who are brought to shelters and for the rescues who try to make a difference.

Sadie is no longer in pain and running free at Rainbow Bridge. RIP our sweet girl. You will not be forgotten.”

The Vicksburg Animal Shelter wants to thank all of those who donated to cover the cost of medical care. Your love and support help more than you will ever know. An often thankless job is made easier when strangers show their appreciation and desire to help in this manner.

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