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Scallions honored as Top Cop in the state of Mississippi



Christopher ‘Blake’ Scallions
Christopher ‘Blake’ Scallions (Facebook photo)

Vicksburg native Christopher ‘Blake’ Scallions has been honored to be awarded “Top Cop” in the state of Mississippi.

Scallions recently was the subject of our “Those Who Keep Us Safe” series. In the interview, he states he has looked up to law enforcement since childhood, and now he’s humbled by the honor of wearing a badge himself.

As a patrol officer, Scallions encounters a myriad of different situations on any given day. The job can be satisfying, rewarding, saddening, lonely and fulfilling all during the same shift. One of the biggest challenges for police is learning to compartmentalize the array of trauma that they witness, and experience themselves, so they can respond to the next call with full focus.

Anyone who has worked with the public knows that there are a lot of different kinds of people in the world. Police officers interact with all of them, many times on the worst day of their lives. It is an extremely specialized skill in and of itself to be able to assess a situation, assess the individuals involved and quickly deliver the correct response.

“I’m here to protect and serve, and I mean that with everything that I have,” he said.

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