School district gives teachers backpay for “recent error”

School district gives teachers backpay for “recent error”


The Vicksburg Warren School District is repaying teachers after a miscalculation in taxes resulted in their take-home pay being reduced for the January pay period.

In an email to the district titled, “Federal Tax Overpayment,” Billia Knight said:

Dear Employee,

During the conversion to our new 2022 Federal Tax Tables, tax deductions for January were incorrectly calculated for several tax brackets. If a tax overage was withheld from your January 2022 paycheck, it has been corrected and the refund has been deposited into your checking account. We have worked with our payroll processing system administrators to ensure Federal Taxes are calculated correctly moving forward based on your pay and withholding forms. Please accept our apologies for this recent error

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Billia Knight

Assistant Director of Financial Services

The Vicksburg Daily News first reported the short pay on teachers in this story. In that, Christi Kilroy, with the district, responded, “The District complies with income tax laws and regulations set year to year by the State of Mississippi and the Federal Government.”

The Vicksburg Daily News reached out to Kilroy for comment on this correction in pay but there was no response at the time of publication.