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Scott is making his sweets look easy



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When Barrett Scott decided to open a new bakery business during a global pandemic, he wasn’t naive enough to think it’d be easy. But Barrett is no stranger to dealing with the tough twists life can throw at a person, so he wasn’t about to back down from the challenge. 

In fact, it was one of those difficult twists that landed Scott in the baking business in the first place.

Scott was a brand new teacher in his first position teaching 8th-grade math at Warren Central Junior High when he was hospitalized for a very serious matter. He was put on an extended medical leave, and because he had grown up in a large family where everyone was encouraged to work together in the kitchen, he spent a good bit of time baking with his wife. It was peaceful and therapeutic for the couple, just what the doctor ordered.

One day, Mrs. Scott ran out of vanilla extract and decided to substitute with amaretto. The results blew the Scotts away, so while his wife worked Scott spent his time experimenting with different recipes and alcohol flavors. He wasn’t allowed to drink with the new medication he had been prescribed, but because the cooking process negates the effects of alcohol, Barrett could still enjoy the flavors. He ended up with quite a few combinations and delicious recipes.

Some of the flavors available at The Sweets-Easy

Barrett also began selling his cookies at Cafe Paradiso, and the positive response gave him even more confidence and desire to expand into a full-fledged business.

In March, he found the ideal space in The Vicksburg Hotel, and soon was operating out of The Tea Room.

 Around this time, Scott and his wife also found out they were expecting their first child. And because Scott is used to facing up to the aforementioned twists of life, he didn’t let it scare him away from continuing his efforts to build his own business.

If all of that wasn’t stressful enough, a dear friend of the Scotts, Michael Henshaw, was involved in a serious car accident during this time and they found out he would require long-term, extensive hospital care. Even though the Scotts were facing Barrett’s own medical leave and hospital bills, the startup costs associated with a new business and finding out a new baby is on the way, they didn’t hesitate to pledge a percentage of Scott’s meager profits to the Henshaw family’s GoFundMe drive.

Just last week Scott began taking walk-in guests in The Tea Room, and the delicious and different flavors are quickly becoming a hit around Vicksburg.

Look for the sign inside The Vicksburg Hotel

Scott says he is excited to see where this new venture takes him and his growing family, but he isn’t naive to think everything in the future will be easy.

He just knows it will be sweet.

A full menu of Barrett Scott’s treats can be viewed on The Sweets-Easy Facebook page.



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