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Senate Committee Passes Immigration Legislation




Listen to this article and passed it on to usThe Mississippi Senate judiciary subcommittee has passed Senate Bill 2179, which closely resembles the recent and controversial Arizona legislation concerning immigration.  The bill will now move on to be voted on by the full Senate. A three-fifths vote by the Senate is required to send the legislative measure to the Mississippi House of Representatives.The “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act of 2011,” authored by Senators Fillingane, Burton, Chassaniol, Dickerson, Hudson & King, would “require cooperation and assistance in enforcement of immigration laws.”  It will “indemnify” law enforcement officials for implementation of the act and will create a number of immigration-related offenses.Lt. Governor Bryant, a former law enforcement officer, is a strong proponent of immigration enforcement and has used the topic as the basis for several speeches over the last few months.If you would like to read the full bill in PDF format, click here, or go to the official Mississippi Legislature Home Page to learn about more pieces of legislation being debated.We thank Katie for sending us this information and encourage you to send us your story ideas or topics of conversation.]]]]> ]]>

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