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uncle sam

As a part of our community service providing the news free of charge, we also want to provide you with the opportunity to disagree with us and put it on the record. Shoot, you can even praise us if you feel so motivated.

If we publish a story you disagree with or think we didn’t report properly, or one you think is gossip and shouldn’t have been reported, or if you want to weigh in on a topic of importance to the community, then this is your chance to let the whole town know how you feel. We will publish reasonable letters to the editor on all our platforms under their own headline and put your name on it. If you want to go on record to praise a story for shining a light on a topic or person that the corporate press chooses to ignore, feel free to send that too.

Letters to the editor are the American way to show what you think. It is as American as apple pie and has been a part of the news since this country was founded. With the internet and comment sections, people get to put up purity posts and show how awesome they are by disagreeing with news they don’t like. Sometimes the news is ugly.

Vicksburg has a long history of some stories not getting out there because “certain people” were being protected.

Since we’ve been doing the Vicksburg Daily News, we have committed to telling the whole story regardless of who is involved or who they know. Sometimes that makes people angry, especially those who feel they are above the news.

We also love all the appreciation you show us. We know that most of the community is highly supportive and appreciative of finally knowing what is going on in the community.

Be a real American and send your point of view to

We look forward to hearing from you.

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