Senior Jakayla Lofton named Golden Girls captain for the 2023-2024 season

Senior Jakayla Lofton named Golden Girls captain for the 2023-2024 season


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A new leader has been chosen to lead the world-renowned Golden Girls.

Jakayla Lofton, a senior nursing major from Memphis, Tennessee, was recently selected as captain of the Golden Girls for the 2023-2024 season. Lofton has been a member of the dance team for three years.

Hearing the news left Lofton in awe.

“It feels surreal,” said Lofton. “When they made the announcement, I was shocked for a whole week. It’s really a dream come true! I’m excited to continue this legacy.”

Lofton’s history with the sport of dance goes back to her seventh-grade year when she joined the Memphis Prancing Tigerettes, a community dance team in her hometown. She was a team member until her senior year of high school.

Before joining the team, Lofton would watch the GG’s videos and admire their performances. The chemistry that the Golden Girls displayed inspired Lofton to one day become a member.

“I was inspired by the display of sisterhood that the Golden Girls always showed. You could see their chemistry when they performed in the stands and on the field. You could tell that they enjoyed dancing with each other.”

The viral video of the 2017 Golden Girls team’s ramp performance at Jackson State also captivated Lofton, furthering her aspiration to join the team.

“I was introduced to the Golden Girls by the YouTube video of their 2017 ramp performance at Jackson State. I was mesmerized by their style of dance. I thought, ‘I want to be like them.’”

It took three years for Lofton to consider the possibility of one day leading the team on Saturday game days and other events.

“I began seriously thinking about the captain position during my junior year. It had been a passing thought until then, but in the back of my mind, I always knew it was something that I wanted to pursue.”

Former captain, Kevia Davis, played a significant role in Lofton’s progression. She praised Davis for motivating her and being a good role model.

“Kevia will forever be my biggest inspiration. She embodies the Golden Girl style, and that’s something about her I have always admired. Throughout my college experience, Kevia played a big part in molding me into the woman I am today. She’s always been by my side and pushed me to new heights. Kevia taught me so many life lessons that I will never forget.”

Lofton’s journey as a Golden Girl has been fulfilling. She enjoys performing and putting on a show that audiences would remember.

“The most exciting thing about being a Golden Girl is hitting the field! It’s no other experience like it. Whenever I dance on the field, I give it my all like it’s my last time.”

Dance is an outlet that allows Lofton to be gracefully expressive while also blowing off steam.

“Dancing allows me to express any emotion I feel with my movements. You could give attitude, passion, or whatever you want. Dance is versatile, so there are so many styles that could fit any emotion. Dance is therapy. Whether I’m happy or upset, I can count on dancing out my feelings to feel better.”

The experience has allowed Lofton to develop into a well-rounded individual. She appreciates being a part of the Golden Girls’ legacy.

“Being a Golden Girl has taught me to be a better woman, sister, and friend. Our legacy is something to be cherished, so now it’s time for me to do the same for the newer generation of Golden Girls.”