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‘She’s tough’ – Addie Grace Clay update



Addie Grace and her mother Cori at Disneyland (courtesy of the Clay family)

Thursday morning, 11-year-old Addie Grace Clay was involved in a freak golf cart accident that resulted in her being airlifted to Blair Batson Children’s Hospital in Jackson. She was immediately determined to be in critical condition and admitted to the PICU unit. 

After a long, terrifying afternoon and night, Addie did wake up and communicate with her parents.

Her mother, Cori Clay, said, “She is very confused and combative. She is staying nauseated which they expected with so much head trauma. She is fighting us all, but she’s always been a tough, strong fighter.”

Those characteristics are going to be necessary for Addie as she continues to battle a skull fracture and a blood clot in her brain. She also has a brain bleed the doctors are monitoring closely.

Clay said, “She had another CT this morning. She’s waking up some today, but she isn’t totally coherent. They didn’t find any new bleeds, but none have gotten any smaller.”

After the neurosurgeon rounded late this morning, Cori reported that Addie’s scans were stable.

“There’s nothing that requires surgery at this point. We’re just waiting on her to wake up and be alert,” she said.

The medical team plans to rescan in the morning and is just watching them closely until then.

Clay said it could be weeks before her daughter is anywhere close to “normal”, but said, “They say she’s still very critical but they are optimistic of a full recovery.”

As our community continues to  rally around the pretty, sports-loving young girl and her family, Clay would like to thank everyone for the show of love and offers of support.

The sleep-deprived mother was very positive as she said, “She’s tough and will be just fine!”

Cori and Addie, you both have an entire county praying for that very outcome.

We will be providing updates on Addie Grace’s condition as we receive them. 


Vicksburg Daily News