Shooters still on the run


Around 5:20 this afternoon, Sept. 4, a call came in to 911 that a shooting had taken place at Farmer and Jefferson streets in Vicksburg. There have been several 911 calls to this vicinity in the past month.


A couple of minutes later, a call came in from the same location saying the shooters had come back and fired many more rounds there. The suspect vehicle was described as a white Toyota, maybe a Camry. Several police cars descended on the area in an effort to find the vehicle connected with the shooting.

Soon a call came from an officer that the suspect vehicle, a white Toyota that looked like its back window was blown out, had been seen on Oak Street. The officer indicated they were going to follow the suspect vehicle until another unit was nearby. When the officer turned on his lights at Drummond and Harris streets, the Toyota began to flee. The chase went towards Marcus Bottom, up Lane Street to Lane Alley where the suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled into Stouts Bayou.

The officer was right on their tails and observed that three of the four suspects running into the bayou were carrying rifles.

The white Toyota Camry that was abandoned on Lane Alley at the First Baptist M.B. Church.

A large contingent of law enforcement officers descended on the area to try and create a perimeter. Chambers Street was blocked off and Warren County sent in their K-9 unit to assist in the manhunt.

This incredible photo of law enforcement in the back of a truck, heavily armed, looking for the suspects.

Law enforcement, including Vicksburg Police Chief Milton Moore, were seen moving north towards East Avenue. At one point a group of officers was seen on the back of a pickup truck heavily armed and searching for the suspects.

1.) Where the officer turned on his lights
2.) Where the suspects abandoned their vehicle.
3.) The main and early focus of the search was in the 1400 block of Chambers.
The red marker is where the search was abandoned.

The focus of the search moved to Holly Street but with the fading light, the search was abandoned.