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"Significant" Drug Bust at Pecan Ridge Mart




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  • 61 packages of Spice weighing 10 grams per packages
  • 260 1g packages of Spice
  • 72 1g packages of another version of Spice
  • 904 2.5g packages of Spice
  • 120 Xanax “bars” – a total of 30 packages, packaged four to a package
  • 1 fully loaded Glock 9mm handgun
  • 1 30 round elongated clip for the Glock handgun
  • Hundreds of rounds of ammunition
  • 3 laptop computers
  • Digital Scales
  • Counterfeit Purses and T-Shirts with unapproved logos and brands, including NFL t-shirts
  • Hundreds of “Paraphernalia” items, mostly small, ornamental glass pipes used for smoking Spice and Marijuana.
  • Approximately $5,300 in a garbage bag sitting next to a box containing the counterfeit cannabis
  • The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division has been notified of the counterfeit retail items and will be conducting an investigation into the matter.“This is an ongoing investigation involving the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics,” said Sheriff Pace.  “We have briefed the District Attorney’s Office on the investigation and results of the search warrant.  What, if any, charges will be leveled against the owner of the business, who was not there at the time of the search, are yet to be seen.  That would be something to be determined as the investigation unfolds.”Gamil and Saleh have both been charged with the Sale of Counterfeit Cannabis, Possession of Counterfeit Cannabis with Intent to Distribute and Possession of Xanax with Intent to Distribute.  Bond, if any is allowed, will be determined at the when the pair has their initial appearance in court on Monday.The owner of the convenience store arrived late on Friday afternoon and re-opened his store, but has chosen not to make comment on the matter.Spice, according to many different reports, causes seizures, hallucinations, rapid & irregular heartbeat and other dangerous side effects, while giving the user the “high” similar to marijuana.  The Mississippi Legislature, following the lead of other states, made the herbal mixture illegal in September of 2010.Governor Haley Barbour signed the bill on September 10, 2010 which immediately banned the sale and possession of the herbal mixture known by names such as Spice, K2, Demon, Voodoo, Genie, Red X Dawn and Zohai.Retailers were given until October 1, 2010 to return any remaining stock of the products to distributors or turn them over to law enforcement.]]]]> ]]>

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