Sister’s have second car stolen in a week


Two sisters are having a bad car week. Last week Natalie Steed’s white Honda Civic made front-page news when Vicksburg Police Officer Hunter Anderson chased the occupants of that stolen vehicle. The thieves ditched the car on a dead-end street and ran.

Now her sister, Stacey Steed Springfield, has had her black, 2017 Kia Soul stolen.

The stolen vehicle is similar but does not have the red stripe.

The car was stolen from Redbone Road at a friend’s house. Please be on the lookout for the vehicle. If you spot it, please call 911.

The white Honda Civic was stolen off East Avenue and recovered a couple of days later after a chase. The chase ended at the bumper of a city truck.

The stolen vehicle stopped on the bumper of a city truck parked on Patton.