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Small business owners make hot sauce that heals



It's all smiles at the Wholly Fire stand! (Photo by Tessa Elizabeth Scandizzo)

Small business owners are helping people get healthy by making hot sauce.

Every second Saturday of the month in Vicksburg Mississippi, musicians and vendors gather to sell goods and entertain locals.

This Saturday, a two person band was heard rocking out as they played, “Sweet Child of Mine.” Across the street from them, a smiling woman could be seen selling hot sauces. She was offering guests tortilla chips with generous samples of the 4 varieties. It was easy for customers to make a purchase once they got a taste of the savory and delightfully tangy flavors.

Doris Lewis, smiling owner and sales representative for ‘Wholly Fire’, was very enthused to talk about her passion for selling the sauces, “You know it’s good stuff and it’s very low sodium. You’d be surprised to find out how much sodium is in most hot sauce. We emphasize healthy with heat. They’re made with tomatoes, carrots, onions, peppers and all kinds of veggies so you’re getting all that good stuff. And all of them are made with ginger, which you know is real good for you!”

Doris Lewis bags up an order for a happy customer. (Photo by Tessa Elizabeth Scandizzo)

The company was started by James Lewis and his wife, Doris Lewis on a quest to improve their health and well being without sacrificing flavor.

“My husband, James Lewis, who I own the business with, has hypertension and he just loves to cook. He wanted to make hot sauces that would have a lot of flavor without all the salt so he could share them with others,” stated Doris Lewis.

It turns out, despite Mississippi being ranked the most unhealthy state in the country, there are still plenty of people in Vicksburg on a clear mission to help change that. Supporting these small businesses and missions of health improvement help to make the community a better place.

You can visit the Wholly Fire website at or go to their Facebook page Wholly Fire Foods LLC.


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