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St. Aloysius released their 2023-2024 cheerleader and Flashette roster



L-R Sawyer McCain, Grace Windham, Christian Harris, Ryan Hadley Grey and McKenzie Cole: Photo by YAS

St. Aloysius High School announced their 2023-2024 cheerleader and Flashette roster on Friday.

Those listed below are the ones who made the squad:

Varsity Cheerleaders:

1. James Powell
2. Mckenzie Cole
3. Laiken Leist
4. Crawley Haller
5. Taryn Lusby
6.Madalyn Kavanaugh
7.  Briley Lott
8. Stella Buckner
9. Christian Harris
10. Julia Moberley
11. Lili Perniciaro
12 Kinley Lott
13. Hendrix Eldridge
14. Sarah Beth Johnston
15. Carrie Woods
16. Maddie Rice
17. Gracie Griggs
18. Mallory Hobson


1. Marley Gibellino
2. Caroline Ponder
3. Raigen Smith
4. Megan Theriot
5. Elizabeth Bednar
6.Hayden Bell
7. Olivia Larsen
8. Farrell Roberson
9. Ryan Hadley Grey
10.Helena Wallace
11.Sawyer McCain
12. Grace Windham

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