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St. Joseph Hospice receives Lumbardi Award



(photo by Marcus James)

The work of a hospice worker is never-ending. In fact, it’s an effort that requires a team. They spend countless hours working day and night to ensure their patients are well taken care of. The team effort has placed local home health business, St. Joseph Hospice, in position to win the Lumbardi award. That award was presented for dedication to service in excellence.

The St. Joseph Hospice received the award during their annual corporate meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The award is presented to at least one hospice out of their division and it is also awarded to one home health provider in the division. The business has 14 offices throughout local states including Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

“So our office won that award. We are really excited and I’m really proud of our team. It’s a team award and we could not have won it without our wonderful team that we have here in Vicksburg,” said executive director Melisa Husband.

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