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Stay positive and let’s help one another



Kaidyn Lynn
Kaidyn Lynn as photographed by her mother, Kaylon Little.

We are experiencing a historic weather event in our community.

City and county resources are being stretched as thinly as they can be without breaking. Every city and county employee that can get their boots on the ground are doing all they can to clear a road, drive someone to their job or grab diapers and formula for babies in need.

People are not only helping their friends, family and neighbors, but we are hearing countless stories of good Samaritans going out of their way for total strangers.

It’s an impossible task to recognize every good deed, but a few that we’ve heard include:

At Eagle Lake, residents Mike and Annette Kirland were going into town and offered to pick up formula for a neighbor who put a post on the Eagle Lake page about needing food for a baby.

That same scenario is playing out all over our community. Neighbors helping neighbors.

In the Freetown Road area north of town, Mike and Cindy Patterson risked the dangerous roads to pick up items for people in their area who couldn’t access any stores.

Local business owners are risking it all to serve the community they love. Battlefield Drugs and People’s Drug have opened their doors for those needing life-saving medications. Vicksburg police officers and kind-hearted community members are making these necessary deliveries.

Kaidyn Lynn as photographed by her mother, Kaylon Little, conjuring up the powers to disperse this storm.

Allan Pugh with Patriot Motors has been all over town plowing lots, giving reports and helping where it is needed.

Tommy Kelly and his crew are pulling 18-wheelers up hills.

Ricky Hearn has been helping deliver supplies and food to people in need while restauranteurs like El Paso, McDonald’s and Fit Chef are preparing and donating meals to essential employees and first responders.

Remember these local businesses when things get back to normal.

And things will get back to normal.

Right now it looks bleak, but in a couple of days things will warm up, the roads will clear and we will come back from this.

Kaidyn Lynn ridding the community of negativity. (Photo used with permission from her mother and photographer, Kaylon Little)

Unfortunately, there are also the naysayers. It seems no matter what challenge befalls our community, there are always those who will try to find fault or put a negative light on people helping others. This weather event is serious. People are dying in other places related to this weather. Vicksburg as a community is doing what it always does, coming together and saving lives.

Let’s support those around us who are helping, regardless of what you believe their motives are. Offer praise, encouragement and help.

When the going gets tough, Vicksburg always gets going.

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