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Stirgus clarifies why he was visiting schools.



During the school board meeting on Thursday night, board President, Jim Stirgus, addressed concerns about him visiting schools.

“I normally don’t talk about some of the innuendos or something that’s going on Facebook, but I must just mention this to dispel a disbelief that is out there.” He continued, “Yes, I have visited schools over the past 13 years, 16 years that I have been on this board.” A solemn Stirgus said, “There is, for some reason, here lately, that when I go by a school I talk to teachers and tell them to put their masks on. That is totally not true.”

Stirgus clarified, “If I have a problem with a mask at a school, I will go to the superintendent. I have not, I will not, for $188 go to jail for anybody. Let me repeat it again, we get $188 to sit here and do what we’re doing for the kids in the Vicksburg/Warren County district.”

The Vicksburg Daily News reached out to media contact, Christi Kilroy, yesterday after being alerted by members of the community that Mr. Stirgus was visiting schools. The Vicksburg Daily News was wanting to join Mr. Stirgus in his rounds. Sadly, he had already finished visiting the schools according to Kilroy. Kilroy responded, “Mr. Stirgus, VWSD Board President, visited several schools this morning. It is typical for our Board members to visit campuses for the purpose of determining what can be done for improvement of the schools in a general way, as is prescribed in state legislation.”

Kilroy also offered a link to the specific legislation.


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