National Telecommunicators Week is coming up in April. Vicksburg Warren 911 has several telecommunication professionals who work day and night to keep you safe. This series of articles will highlight each one.

Telecommunicator Anna Meyer is being featured in this week’s tribute to our 911 dispatcher, a critical link in the first responder chain.

Anna’s life is dedicated to service. She started in 2021, just before the infamous ice storm, and is a two-and-a-half-year veteran of Vicksburg Warren E911.
Anna, a lifelong Vicksburg resident and a Warren Central High School graduate, is deeply committed to her community. She applied to 911 with the goal of helping her community members in their times of need. Now a single mother of two aspiring first responders, ages 9 and 5, Anna works the demanding night shift with her beloved team on the Delta shift. As a shift lead, she plays a crucial role in coordinating emergency response teams to provide critical aid when it’s needed most.
Outside of work, Anna enjoys diving into a good book or dominating at Mario Kart. As the reigning champion in her household, she takes her Mario Kart fame quite seriously. With a passion for educating others about 911 and safety, Anna has done 911 Safety Education and several elementary schools. Anna deeply cares for every first responder she works with.
She hopes to continue her fulfilling career with Vicksburg Warren E911 for years to come.