National Telecommunicators Week is coming up in April. Vicksburg Warren 911 has several telecommunication professionals who work day and night to keep you safe. This series of articles will highlight each one.

Telecommunicator Heather Hinson is being featured in this week’s tribute to our 911 dispatcher, a critical link in the first responder chain.

With nerves of steel and a calm voice, Heather is a 911 dispatcher who helps people during their most desperate hours. For the past seven months, she has fielded emergency calls and dispatched first responders, providing a lifeline to those in need. You can see Heather at kickboxing class or singing karaoke with friends when she’s not coordinating rapid response.

This quick-thinking dispatcher enjoys making the most of her free time, whether hanging out with her kids or connecting with close companions. Though her job is undeniably stressful, Heather tackles each shift with compassion and an unflappable resolve to aid her community.