National Telecommunicators Week kicks off on April 14. Vicksburg Warren 911 has several telecommunication professionals who work day and night to keep you safe. This series of articles will highlight each one.

Telecommunicator Wanda Thomas is featured in this week’s tribute to our 911 dispatchers, a critical link in the first responder chain.

Wanda Thomas started her career with Vicksburg Warren 911 in 2017 and took to it like a fish to water. She quickly realized she was made for this job. In her first year there, she received Dispatcher of the Month three times, and in her second year, she won Telecommunicator of the Year.

Wanda is now the Training Coordinator and also does Quality Assurance. She’s quick to put on the headset whenever needed on the floor. She loves training new dispatchers to be the calm voice in the night. Wanda not only gives of herself to the community, but she is also a loving caregiver to her mother, Martha, who has dementia. She also cares for her husband, who has had six strokes since July 2022 and suffers from vascular dementia.

When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren and relaxing. She’s a proud member of the Consolidated VHS/WCHS Class of 1991. She attends church at Narrow Way M.B. Church.