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Tell Us How You Really Feel About Education




College isn’t for everyone. Having said that, I also need to say that I believe that a higher education is extremely important. I believe that you must have some sort of higher education to succeed in life. I’m just not convinced that college is necessary to get a higher education. What about apprenticeships or internships? To all you kids out there reading this. If you know what it is that you want to do in life, go for it. If that requires a college education, get it. If you want to be a carpenter, why do you need a college education. Find you a good carpenter and become an apprentice. If you want to be a photographer, find a good photography teacher. Take some classes online. You don’t have to go to college to get that job. All you need is a really good camera and a bit of technical knowledge. You don’t have to spend a mint to get that really good camera. Find one on eBay. Get your equipment as you can. Buy you a camera. Learn as much as you can about the camera and the techniques that you’ll need to succeed as a professional photographer. Buy only the equipment that is ABSOLUTELY necessary to get started and then let the camera pay for the things that you need to do more or the things that you want. Just know that photography is a really tough business to make money in. Everyone has a digital camera and everyone thinks that they take great photos. You just have to be good at convincing people that you’re better than that. A good business class or two, plus some marketing courses would be great. I absolutely recommend them. But they aren’t necessary. You can learn as you go! Don’t waste your (or your parent’s) money by going to college just because it’s expected of you. If you just need to whittle down your choices, great. Go to college, take some courses and see what fits you better. If you don’t know at all, try some soul searching or better yet… try praying about it! God will surely help you find your answers!

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