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Thank you city employees for all you do



Markeith Grove performs cleaning and maintenance to the city's gas lights. (Photo by David Day)
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One group of people we may often take for granted are our city employees.

Whether they are repairing traffic lights, working on our landscaping or maintaining infrastructure, city employees are an essential part to ensure everything runs as it is intended to.

Through cold and rain our city employees stay diligent and vigilant in their duties to Vicksburg.

City gas department employee Markeith Grove is just such a person.

Markeith Grove performs cleaning and maintenance of the city’s gas lights. (Photo by David Day)

Grove was caught red-handed by David Day working downtown, cleaning gas lights and performing routine maintenance.

Though temperatures on that day were frigid and rain was falling, those such as Grove endured the elements so we can all enjoy the beauty that lies within the city.



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