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Thank you for a million



Where Vicksburg gets its news

Thank you once again for looking at VicksburgNews.Com almost 1 million times in the past two weeks.

Our social media and ad views are consistently over a million views/impressions in a two week period of time, but the number of people that click through to read the stories is always less than that.

Our actual website count was 984, 461 page views in the two-week period ending yesterday. Wow.


That’s a lot of page views.

A few big stories drove the traffic. The tragic death of Ebony Owens at the hand of her husband, and the tornado in Rolling Fork were both stories that you wanted to read. The Vicksburg Daily News also broke the Barbie Bassett story that has gone nationwide. That story is still generating traffic for the website and is still part of the national conversation.

Our advertisers are enjoying the traffic that their business gets from being seen by so many people. Before you spend a dollar on local advertising ask them to show you the numbers. We can and do show those numbers all the time. All of Vicksburg reads the Vicksburg Daily News.

We want to thank you for having Vicksburg Daily News as your news source. You know we are going to provide you with the news. We are locally owned and present the news without a corporate agenda, opinion, or slant. We simply and quickly tell you what happened, a rarity in today’s news world.

Everywhere we go people are so kind to us when they find out that we are the Vicksburg Daily News. “Without the Vicksburg Daily News we wouldn’t know what was going on in town,” is something we hear all the time.

We are bigger and better than ever, and it is because you, all of Vicksburg and Warren County, reads the Vicksburg Daily News. Thank you.



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