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Thank you, Sgt. Bobby Jones



Bobby Jones in this photo taken from social media. It was almost impossible to find a photo of Sergeant Jones by himself.
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Yesterday, Sept. 26, was a particularly long day for the Vicksburg Daily News. Events, accidents and news were happening all day, and we did our best to stay caught up so you can stay in the know.

The day started with an accident in front of Beechwood Elementary, and was soon followed by the story of a small, dark grey car that somehow managed to drive into a backyard, strike the porch and miss the vehicle between the yard and porch. It was one of the more bizarre stories we’ve reported.

Sgt. Bobby Jones assists with the clean up from an accident scene.

Later in the day, just before 2 p.m., a two-car accident on Indiana had traffic tangled for a while.

Sgt. Jones speaks with accident witnesses Randy and Amber Sharp.

In the evening, the United Way’s “Supper on the ‘Sip” saw dozens of Vicksburg and Warren County law enforcement folks directing traffic, and protecting lives and property.

We couldn’t help but notice that one individual, Vicksburg Police Sgt. Bobby Jones, was at all of those happenings assisting in one way or another.

We saw him at the house where the car hit the porch early in the day. He was at the accident on Indiana overseeing a dangerous accident scene to ensure everyone’s safety. And then, as we were leaving “Supper on the ‘Sip” in the evening, we couldn’t help but notice Sgt. Jones directing traffic in front of the Ameristar Casino.

Sgt. Jones and his motorcycle were very active last weekend in the area of I-20 and Halls Ferry. If you were speeding through the area you may have met him.

For those who don’t know, this is not an uncommon day for our city and county law enforcement officers. They work long days, often going from call-to-call all day with few breaks and little appreciation for what they do.

Sgt. Jones, on behalf of a grateful community, thank you for what you do to keep us protected and safe.


As always, we are appreciative of the community that supports its law enforcement officers and understands they work hard and put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

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