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Just Plain Fun

The Adventures of Gotham: Origin



Gotham trains with the hooman foot, to one day be prepared to battle any who oppose his rise to power (photo by Joey Fogas)
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This is the first in a series of stories about Gotham, a rescue kitty taken in by team member Joey Fogas this past week. We thought we would have fun with Gotham’s development into a full-grown warlord by day and snuggle-muffin by night. Each member of the Vicksburg Daily News team will add their piece to this story as it progresses.

Issue #0 – Origin

Hooman: My friends, Nichole and Johnathan, recently purchased a house beside a lake. A neighborhood stray had decided to give birth to a litter underneath their home. As it was told to me, the mother was neglecting the young and not caring for them. My friends took it upon themselves to nurse the newborn kittens and find them homes.

Gotham and his siblings were brought to my door when they were three or four weeks old. They were all set loose upon my living room floor and I knew I could only have one, so I made the choice and named him Gotham. He constantly craves my attention and care, thereby solidifying my role as Joesus, Protector of Gotham.

I can’t beat the sneaking suspicion that I am being used until Gotham grows strong enough.


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