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Just Plain Fun

The Adventures of Gotham: The Googles



Gotham Kittie (By Joey Fogas)
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VDN presents Issue 2 of Gotham, the adopted VDN Mascot, as we chronicle his journey into an adult cat and his quest to take over the world.

Issue #2 – The Googles

Hooman: Gotham has grown a lot this week. He has now taken an interest in my computer which would be cute, if it wasn’t my livelihood.

He has found a way to get up on the desk by himself and walk along the keyboard.  It seems to upset him more when he hits the enter key and google says “no results” and presents him with a white page. I guess the brightness of the screen isn’t something he likes… Yet, he seems more upset when I am on Facebook…

I can’t seem to keep him away from my wires either.  He keeps pulling them away and unplugging them from the computer, which is making work that much more difficult.

He is often climbing in my face while I’m trying to write a story, giving me “kitten eyes”, like he wants me to do something.

I wish I knew what he wanted… Despite having a clean litter box, food and water, he is constantly on top of me like I am supposed to be doing something for him.

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