Just a year ago, Warren Central High School girl’s basketball team were struggling in nearly every match, but now the Lady Vikes are on top, having pulled off multiple wins this season.

Dareian Hillard is now in his fourth year as head coach of WC and has quickly turned around the program with the team standing at a 12-6 record.

This time last year, the Lady Vikes only won two games. However, the momentum has quickly changed and they are now playing team ball which they have profited greatly from in each game.

Hillard’s roster is stacked with talent and experienced players who helped bring home some big wins this season.

On of WC’s biggest wins this year was a 60-8 victory over Jefferson County where Ty’Mya Sims led with 15 points.

The Vikes worked hard throughout the offseason to be where they are today, with the help of Hillard and assistant coaches Saul Hillard and Heather Casey.

The Lady Vikes will be looking to improve their record on Tuesday when they travel to face Clinton.