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The murder case of Mijor Kay Anderson and her unborn child remains unsolved



The murder case of pregnant Mijor Kay Anderson remains unsolved while her family continues to seek justice and the truth for their loved one.

Anderson goes missing:

Anderson’s family hasn’t heard from her since Oct. 31, 2021, and a short time later they filed a missing person’s report. In late December 2021, the family allegedly was told by police that they saw Anderson two days prior.

“Circumstances around her disappearance was foul play,” Anderson’s sister said. The person that dropped her off there contacted the family and told us that we need to check on our sister and that she was being held against her will and being raped.”

Anderson’s phone calls with someone she was close to also stopped around Dec. 18, 2021.

Remains found:

On Mar. 31, 2022, human remains were found on Patton Street after a man supposedly stumbled across them looking for cans.

“Cans are not down there so he should have been a suspect and should’ve been questioned,” Marlena Anderson said. “They didn’t question him they just said he reported it and they didn’t question the man that stayed on Patton Street.”

Anderson’s family went on to state that a neighbor told them that their sister was definitely in the house in Marcus Bottom and that lead was possibly never followed up on by anyone.

“They never mentioned anything about the baby or that she was pregnant,” sister Amy Williams said.

Anderson’s family also stated that their sister was found rolled up in a rug and that there is video footage of the truck that dropped her off that day.

Who did it?

Anderson, who suffered from a mental illness, frequently associated with a few individuals who her family believes that were involved in her murder.

The three main suspects have never been charged with the murder and one of them allegedly made a mistake over social media.

“We was watching Facebook and her account came online so we called and someone answered and then after that, he skipped town,” Marlena said. He lived on Sky Farm and somebody contacted me when she was last seen walking up that long hill.”

The family stated that on Jan. 1, 2022, when the Facebook incident happened and the man said “he hasn’t heard from her in months.”

That same someone is believed to be the one who was deleting Anderson’s Facebook messages as well.

Overall, Anderson’s family stands on the belief that someone had her selling her body for drugs and that one of those suspects murdered her.

A month before she was murdered, Anderson was beaten very badly and held against her will. She eventually got away and sought medical treatment.

How Anderson’s family found out:

Although Anderson’s remains were found in March, her family insists that the Vicksburg Police Department didn’t alert them until May.

Willams claims that the VPD never alerted their family that a body was found in March and that they swabbed the family for DNA in the same month.

“When they came and got the DNA we asked if they found anything but VPD assured us that they did not and that this was just a routine,” Williams said.

A couple of months later she also claimed that they requested a picture of Anderson for a missing person’s poster but instead used it to announce that the remains are identified as Anderson.

“By the time we got out of the courtroom of the police station from her telling us, people were already calling me,” said Williams.

The family also stated that they haven’t heard from VPD since May 2022.

Due to the condition of Anderson’s remains at the time of her death, a special autopsy has to be performed and evidence from the crime lab has not been completed yet.

“We never forgot about her and once the crime lab information comes in then we can start putting the pieces together to that puzzle,” said Vicksburg Police Chief Penny Jones. “If the family has any questions or concerns we are here and always willing to talk.”

Anderson left behind eight children while pregnant with her ninth one. Her case is still unsolved. Anyone with information can call the Vicksburg Police Department at 601-636-2511.


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