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The trashy saga continues: BOMA discusses the problem of waste management



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On Monday, at the Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting, the Board further discussed the issues surrounding trash pickup in the area.

“It’s getting better,” said Mayor George Flaggs Jr. going on to express hope for refining the contract with Waste Management in a committee meeting set for tomorrow. “I don’t like going back and forth, so I said that this’ll be a time of evaluation.”

Flaggs explained the situation further, “The contract that we got now is far different than the contract that we had six years ago which did not charge us for debris and those types of things, pile ups. This contract charges us.”

Flaggs then spoke about the problem of the public putting more than one garbage can out at a time. “The problem is that we made the decision [to change the contract], but at the same time we did not educate the public on the difference of the contract,” said Flaggs.

“Your can must have the Vicksburg seal on it to be picked up,” Flaggs elaborated, “If you have an overflow of trash, we’ll pick it up, but you gotta call the Action Line, 601-636-3411, and report it, and it’ll be picked up within 7 days.”

Flaggs went on to stipulate that certain garbage will not be picked up, such as “sheet rock or some repair that you’ve done on your house” because “the contractors are supposed to be carrying that away.” Flaggs did not elaborate on a scenario where such house work is not done by contractors.

Don’t get it twisted,” Flaggs assured, “We ain’t going to just hold the city accountable, we’re going to hold Waste Management accountable too… we’re going to hold everyone accountable; We’re gonna pay for what we get, and we’re going to get what we pay for.

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