The Vicksburg Apartments closes doors to residents beginning Mar. 1 citing health and safety concerns

The Vicksburg Apartments closes doors to residents beginning Mar. 1 citing health and safety concerns


The Vicksburg Apartments will temporarily close its doors to residents beginning Mar. 1 due to health and safety concerns.

The historic building formerly known as Hotel Vicksburg, located at 801 Clay Street, was acquired by the Newbreak Management team in November 2021. Renovations were anticipated and the company had planned to manage those with residents in place. Health and safety inspections of the entire building during November and December revealed electrical, water and plumbing issues that need to be addressed immediately. The Vicksburg requires updates to all its major systems which will turn the building into a construction zone for many months.

The Newbreak team worked hard to devise a method to accomplish these updates without disrupting current tenants. In discussions with mechanical, electrical, structural, and plumbing engineers, along with two fire sprinkler companies and the City of Vicksburg it was concluded that it is not possible to safely undertake this extensive work with residents living in the building.

The Vicksburg is a 60-unit apartment building that currently houses 47 residents. Newbreak will assist residents in identifying housing solutions.

Jeff Richardson, City of Vicksburg Community Development Director commented “We are grateful that the Newbreak Management team has acquired The Vicksburg. We are confident that they will do the right thing. After inspecting the building, we concur that there is no way to make the required building improvements safely with the residents in place.”

Tim Cantwell, who owns Newbreak Management, stated “It was never our intention to displace any residents when we purchased The Vicksburg. We were surprised to learn the extent of systems repair that needed to be immediately addressed. We have spent countless hours trying to figure out a way to do this with residents in place and were ultimately advised that this would pose a health and safety risk. We are very sorry it has come to this, but we are confident that The Vicksburg can be restored in a timely fashion and apartments will be back online as soon as possible.”