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The Vicksburg Daily News is free to read and always will be



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The Vicksburg Daily News is free to read and always will be. We also never charge for obituaries and find the idea repulsive.

We were founded on the principle of keeping you informed for free in 2011 and have remained true to that founding principle to this day. It is the way modern society and social media work.

As Vicksburg’s only locally-owned source for news that invests back into the community and supports local events, we understand how you want to get the news and you have made us the place where Vicksburg gets its news. We provide everything from on-the-scene live reporting to in-depth looks at issues that are important to you.

Just this week we took a deep look at the eminent domain filings that threaten Rainbow Farms. We reported on the Valedictorian at Vicksburg High School who received over half a million dollars in scholarship offers. We also reported the crime, accidents, and sad news in our community. It is what a newspaper does – we report the news, the good, the bad, and the rest of it.

The support you, the community, has shown us is palpable. Everywhere we go people thank us for keeping them informed, “If it weren’t for the Vicksburg Daily News, we wouldn’t know about anything going on in our community.” Thank you for your endless support and encouragement.

We are proud to be Vicksburg’s only locally-owned source for news and equally proud to provide you the information that you depend on at no cost.  We are committed to our community and we work hard toward that end each and every day.

Thank you once again, Vicksburg, for making us the largest (it is not even close) source for news that you trust and return to for news about our community.

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