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The Week in Pictures – October 27, 2019



Saturday night’s shooting scene on Ethel Avenue. Things had been quiet for a while. Let’s hope this is an isolated incident.

Africa Hunter is recognized for her 10 years on the Vicksburg Police Ddepartment. Thank you for your service.

This accident on Iowa Boulevard and 61 South looks a lot worse than it was.

Warren County Fire Fighters.

The scene of a motorcycle accident where Old 27 meets Clay Street.

Fisher Ferry Fire Chief Mitch Lange listens intently during a training session Thursday night.

Donnie Heggins, Mario Grady and Jeff Merritt work hard every day to make Vicksburg a safer place to live.

This home on Dewitt was spooked out to discover bones under the porch.

The bones look very human. They were later determined to be ….

pig bones.

A city worker makes it look easy as they operate that rather heavy piece of equipment and tamp the fill.

Zach Hearn is the youngest firefighter in Warren County. He works hard to earn his place on the team.

This suspect was from Hinds County and fled from law enforcement when they attempted to pull him over.

Dedrick Hall carries one of the flashing lights to be installed. Those lights a lot bigger than they appear.

The massive amount of damage to this vehicle led to no injuries. Amazing how far we’ve come.

The truck his the car that hit the 18 wheeler that cause the car to hit a different truck. All four of the vehicles involved were towed away from the scene. No one was injured.

The scene on Wisconsin where one vehicle rolled over and the other was totaled. Two women were transported to the hospital with injuries.

The driver left the car running as they ran inside for a quick minute. When he came back out the car was on fire.

This accident happened about 10:30 p.m. There were two more accidents before daylight and nearly a dozen before this one on a rainy Monday.

This photo still awes me. The heat was so intense from the fire it shut down my camera.

A water leak from in front of Walnut Hills was handled by the city water department.

Mayor George Flaggs shows off his boots prior to marching in support of domestic violence victims and their families.

Sgt. Bobby Jones is everywhere, all the time and rocks some high heels in support as newly promoted Deputy Chief Penny Jones looks on from the left and County Prosecutor candidate Ken Harper from the right.

And one more…

Judge Carpenter is interviewed by Marcus James of Channel 12 in Jackson. We had way too much fun pointing out the college ad in the background (highlighted by the arrow). A much younger version of James is featured in the ad. He was a good sport.

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