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“There was not a kidnapping at Walmart yesterday” – Chief Penny Jones



walmart kidnapping
Walmart in Vicksburg: Photo by Keith Phillips

A post on social media has some residents concerned. The post referenced a kidnapping at Walmart in Vicksburg on Wednesday, something Vicksburg Police Chief Penny Jones says did not occur.

“There WAS NOT REPEAT WAS NOT a kidnapping at Walmart yesterday,” said Vicksburg Police Chief Penny Jones.

Chief Penny Jones was concerned about misinformation that was being spread on social media about the event. “Someone may need to get things from Walmart and will not go because of this lie,” said Jones to the Vicksburg Daily News. “The people involved were not strangers,” continued Jones in a post on social media that attempted to calm people who were upset.

“Putting information out to have citizens afraid is not fair. Nor is it fair for the family involved with yesterday’s incident,” said Jones in that social media post.

The person who posted the event included photos of police talking with the people involved. They went on to caution, “LADIES, LADIES PLEASE BE ALERT.”

One should always be aware of their surroundings when in public. However, there was no kidnapping or attempted kidnapping at Walmart yesterday.

Chief Jones clarified, “This was a family matter and a personal matter. The person involved is getting the help needed.”

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