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This Day in History – January 16, 2012




0027 BC – Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus is granted the title Augustus by the Roman Senate, marking the beginning of the Roman Empire. 1412 – The Medici family is appointed official banker of the Papacy. 1493 – Columbus returns to Spain on his 1st trip 1547 – Ivan IV the Terrible (17) crowns himself 1st tsar of Russia 1572 – Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk is tried for treason for his part in the Ridolfi plot to restore Catholicism in England. 1581 – English parliament passes laws against Catholicism 1707 – The Scottish Parliament ratifies the Act of Union, paving the way for the creation of Great Britain. 1776 – Continental Congress approves enlistment of free blacks 1777 – Vermont declares independence from NY 1786 – Virginia enacted the Statute for Religious Freedom authored by Thomas Jefferson. 1832 – Charles Darwin lands at San Tiago, Cape Verde 1865 – General William Sherman issues Field Order #15 (land for blacks) 1868 – Refrigerator car patented by William Davis, a fish dealer in Detroit 1870 – Virginia becomes 8th state re-admitted to US after Civil War 1883 – Pendleton Act creates basis of US Civil Service system 1908 – Pinnacles National Monument, California established 1919 – Prohibition ratified by 3/4 of the states; Nebraska is 36th 1920 – 18th Amendment, prohibition, becomes the law of the land – one year after ratification; it is repealed in 1933 1920 – The League of Nations holds its first council meeting in Paris, France. 1938 – Benny Goodman refuses to play Carnegie Hall when black members of his band were barred from performing 1939 – Comic strip “Superman” debuts 1941 – US vice admiral Bellinger warns of an assault on Pearl Harbor 1941 – War Department forms 1st Army Air Corps squadron for black cadets 1942 – Crash of TWA Flight 3, killing all 22 aboard, including film star Carole Lombard. 1945 – Adolf Hitler moves into his underground bunker, the so-called Führerbunker 1950 – Belgium, Luxembourg & Netherlands recognize Israel 1951 – World’s largest gas pipeline opens (Brownsville TX, to 134th St, New York City NY) 1964 – “Hello, Dolly!” starring Carol Channing, opens at St James Theater New York City NY for 2,844 performances 1974 – “Jaws” by Peter Benchley is published 1974 – New York Yankees Mickey Mantle & Whitey Ford elected to Hall of Fame 1976 – Peter Frampton released platinum live album “Frampton Comes Alive” 1979 – The Shah of Iran flees Iran with his family and relocates to Egypt. 1986 – First meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force. 1988 – Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder fired from CBS for racial remarks 1991 – Operation Desert Storm begins (U.S. Time) 2001 – US President Bill Clinton awards former President Theodore Roosevelt a posthumous Medal of Honor for his service in the Spanish–American War. 2002 – The UN Security Council unanimously establishes an arms embargo and the freezing of assets of Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and the remaining members of the Taliban. 2003 – The Space Shuttle Columbia takes off for mission STS-107 which would be its final one. Columbia disintegrated 16 days later on re-entry. 2006 – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is sworn in as Liberia’s new president. She becomes Africa’s first female elected head of state.]]]]> ]]>

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