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This Day in History – October 23, 2011




1707 The first Parliament of Great Britain meets. 1850 The first National Women’s Rights Convention begins in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. 1861 U.S. President Abraham Lincoln suspends the writ of habeas corpus in Washington, D.C., for all military-related cases. 1864 American Civil War: Battle of Westport Union forces under General Samuel R. Curtis defeat Confederate troops led by General Sterling Price at Westport, near Kansas City. 1884 1st world series OKed by AA, Providence (NL) beats NY Mets (AA) 6-0 1910 Blanche Scott became 1st woman solo a public airplane flight 1911 First use of aircraft in war: An Italian pilot takes off from Libya to observe Turkish army lines during the Turco-Italian War. 1915 Woman’s suffrage: In New York City, 25,000-33,000 women march on Fifth Avenue to advocate their right to vote. 1917 Lenin calls for the October Revolution. 1921 Green Bay Packers play 1st NFL game, 7-6 win over Minneapolis 1929 Great Depression: After a steady decline in stock market prices since a peak in September, the New York Stock Exchange begins to show signs of panic. 1929 The first North American transcontinental air service begins between New York City and Los Angeles, California. 1935 Dutch Schultz, Abe Landau, Otto Berman, and Bernard “Lulu” Rosencrantz are fatally shot at a saloon in Newark, New Jersey in what will become known as The Chophouse Massacre. 1941 Walt Disney’s “Dumbo” released 1942 All 12 passengers and crewmen aboard an American Airlines DC-3 airliner are killed when it is struck by a U.S. Army Air Forces bomber near Palm Springs, California. Amongst the victims is award-winning composer and songwriter Ralph Rainger (“Thanks for the Memory”, “Love in Bloom”, “Blue Hawaii”). 1944 World War II: Battle of Leyte Gulf The largest naval battle in history begins in the Philippines. 1946 The United Nations General Assembly convenes for the first time, at an auditorium in Flushing, Queens, New York City. 1947 NAACP petition on racism, “An Appeal to the World” presented to UN 1956 1st video recording on magnetic tape televised coast-to-coast 1958 The Springhill Mine Bump An underground earthquake traps 174 miners in the No. 2 colliery at Springhill, Nova Scotia, the deepest coal mine in North America at the time. By November 1, rescuers from around the world had dug out 100 of the victims, marking the death toll at 74. 1958 The Smurfs, a fictional race of blue dwarves, later popularized in a Hanna-Barbera animated cartoon series, appear for the first time in the story La flute à six schtroumpfs, a Johan and Peewit adventure by Peyo which is serialized in the weekly comics magazine Spirou. 1965 Vietnam War: The 1st Cavalry Division (United States) (Airmobile), in conjunction with South Vietnamese forces, launches a new operation seeking to destroy North Vietnamese forces in Pleiku in the II Corps Tactical Zone (the Central Highlands). 1967 NJ Americans (later NY/NJ Nets) play 1st ABA game 1970 Gary Gabelich sets a land speed record in a rocket-powered automobile called the Blue Flame, fueled with natural gas. 1972 Operation Linebacker, a US bombing campaign against North Vietnam in response to its Easter Offensive, ends after five months. 1973 The Watergate Scandal: US President Richard M. Nixon agrees to turn over subpoenaed audio tapes of his Oval Office conversations. 1973 A United Nations sanctioned cease-fire officially ends the Yom Kippur War between Israel and Syria. 1981 US national debt hits $1 trillion 1983 Lebanon Civil War: The U.S. Marines barracks in Beirut is hit by a truck bomb, killing 241 U.S. military personnel. A French army barracks in Lebanon is also hit that same morning, killing 58 troops. 1984 NBC airs BBC footage of Ethiopian famine 1989 Phillips Disaster in Pasadena, Texas kills 23 and injures 314. 1991 Dr Jack Kevorkian’s suicide machine kills 2 women 1992 Emperor Akihito becomes the first Emperor of Japan to stand on Chinese soil. 2001 Apple announces the iPod. 2002 Moscow Theatre Siege begins: Chechen terrorists seize the House of Culture theater in Moscow and take approximately 700 theater-goers hostage. 2004 A powerful earthquake and its aftershocks hit Niigata prefecture, northern Japan, killing 35 people, injuring 2,200, and leaving 85,000 homeless or evacuated. 2007 A powerful cold front in the Bay of Campeche causes the Usumacinta Jackup rig to collide with Kab 101, leading to the death and drowning of 22 people during rescue operations after evacuation of the rig.]]]]> ]]>

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